Copy of Parise's Menu

Welcome to Parise's Coffee and Cannoli Bar Menu, here you will find our espresso drinks, Italian Sodas, Cold Brew, Affogato, and our signature brewed coffee and an array of treats like our Famous Cannoli and Biscotti.


Dark Full Body - Medium Roast - Mellow Roast - Decaf - Flavor of the Day. 

Parise's Drip: $2.50     $3.25

Café Au Lait: Cold Brew with Milk 

Red Eye: Single shot espresso double crema poured in our dark roast brew.

The Fat Clemenza: A double shot of our espresso double Crema poured in our full body brew. $4.50     $5.00

Espresso Drinks

All of our espresso drinks can be made cold.     Extra Espresso Shots $75

All of our milk drinks can be made with a milk alternative: Soy, Oat, Almond. Coconut. Up charge $0.50 

Espresso: Single Shot $2.00 /  Doppio $3.00 

Americano: $2.50   /  $3.00   

Cappuccino:  $4.00   /  $4.75.  ( Espresso, Foamed Milk).

Con Panna $4.00   /  (double shot of espresso with fresh whip).

Cannoli Con Panna /   (double shot of espresso with cannoli cream).

Café Latte: $4.25  /   $4.75   (espresso, milk, hot or cold).

Macchiato: $4.00  / (double shot with foam).

Café Mocha: $4.75  /  $5.25  ( Espresso, Chocolate Milk).

Specialty Drinks: 

White Chocolate Mocha: $4.75   $5.00 (white chocolate, espresso, milk).

Chai Tea Latte: $4.25     $4.75

Venice Beach: $4.75   $5.00  (Chocolate, Caramel, Espresso with Milk). 

Italian Soda: 16 0z


Our Famous Parise's Cannoli: $5.00

Fresh Biscotti: $2.25 per (ask for todays batch). 

Muffins $3.00 (chocolate chip, coffee cake, blueberry) 

The Original Waffoli ™ : A Fresh Baked Waffle, Stuffed with Cannoli Cream, drizzled with chocolate syrup and topped with whipped cream and a Maraschino cherry. Let us know if you want pistachios on it. $5.25

Big Chocolate Chunk Cookie: $2.75